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Exodus Farms was established in Redding, CA in 2002 by Bob and Ginger Salido.  God used Ginger’s background in working with children and youth to mentor several children one on one with her rescued horses.  It soon became apparent that what worked best for those children with broken hearts and lives also worked miracles for those discarded horses-unconditional love and acceptance, kind words and care, clear boundaries and a new found purpose for their lives.  As the kids focused on “healing and restoring” these unwanted horses, consistently their anger and bitterness began to melt away as they became more responsible for the care and re-purposing of Exodus’ horses.

IMG_3605The name Exodus was chosen because it symbolizes the journey from a life of captivity to a life of freedom through a relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ.  Our purpose here at Exodus is to help all who come to move forward in their lives-out of old patterns of brokenness, abuse, loneliness, dependence or fear and into a new place of wholeness, healthy relationships, freedom, community and purpose as we teach horsemanship in a safe homelike environment where they can experience love and peace.

Exodus’ “healing herd” consists of eleven horses and a donkey, all given a permanent home here despite their age, infirmities, behavior issues, physical challenges or just lack of training.  Their message to those who visit is life changing, not one of them is perfect.  Some came to Exodus quite “broken”, but every one of them has a divine purpose here changing lives!

Today, free of charge to all who visit, Exodus Farms Ministries operates full time as 80 to 90 youth visit us weekly. More than 50 adults, working hard to rebuild their lives, share the ranch with us monthly.  Families are now riding together and working together and are learning new ways to love and support one another.  All of this made possible by support from our sponsors, partners, and an incredible group of volunteers, with and without horse experience, that find their own lives transformed as they participate in God’s restoration of broken hearts! Contact us to find out how you can get involved!85772_t607