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    Our daughter Cara has been attending since October, rain or shine.  Cara can be a bit shy until she gets to know you.  She's just coming into a new place of understanding about adoption and where she came from.  She was adopted from birth, but all the questions of where was I born come pouring in.  In school she does well, but was lacking confidence in the classroom.  She had been afraid to raise her hand to ask or answer questions.

     Since she became a part of the riding program it has changered her little heart so much and in so many areas of her life.  She's learneed how to care for the animals, she's learning responsibility on the ranch while doing a simple chore and when she completes it, WOW, the confidence of a job well done.  She enjoys her leaders and is learning direction and how important it iis for the safety of all.  We could not thank Ginger and the staff for all the love and encouragement they have and are instilling in our precious little girl.  This has become Cara's favorite place and looks forward tot he lessons each and every week.  As parents, we can see God using the ranch to help change Cara into a stronger, confident and compassionate young lady. 

     Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

     Many Blessings,  Donna



Dear Ginger, Barb, Jenny, and Everyone at Exodus Farms,

     Your ministry has been a very important part of our lives for the past year and half.  Both Daniel and Lydia have learned to ride, have learned to do stable chores, care for horses, and experience a different part of life that they never would have if it wasn't for their being able to take part in the Exodus Farm Youth for Christ program.  While riding, they were at peace with themselves and with those around them, which was a struggle for them in everyday life.  They gained confidence and a sense of self-accomplishment riding and taking care of the horses.  You were all so supportive and accepting of each child as if they were your own.  The love of Christ poured out of you!  Eack week, I looked forward to "resting" while I watched them ride in the beautiful tranquil farmland.  Thank you so much fo ryour concern for what our family was going through during this time.  Thank you so much for all the times you prayed for us.  I thank the Lord that He has, is, and will continue answering those prayers.

Thank you!  May God continue to richly bless you and guide you as you serve HIm.

- Dave, Chris, Daniel and Lydia 




     Exodus Farms and YFC have a tremendous relationship with the horse program.  Ginger Salido, who is founder and director of Exodus Farms, is truly a gift from God, in the way she is able to minister to the many hurting kids that come to Exodus Farms.

     The has become a place where we are able to connect with students year round, using the hourse as a tool to speak God's plan for their life.   In the process, we use a horse that has been rescued from a bad situation to share that there is a plan and a way out of the past that they have both had to endure.

     Many tiems it is not even necessary for the student to ride, but the hands on touching of the hourse and what we call ground work is instrumental is healing these broken hearts.

     We are eternally grateful for a tremendous team of volunteers that make this all happen in a very safe environment.  Many work tirelessly alongside the students speaking into their lives as they ride.

- Youth for Christ Shasta



     Hi Ginger, did you know that you are my favorite person in the whole wide world and I am so so so so happy to have met you.  You are so so beautiful, just like the heavens.  I am so very happy that I get to come to the ranch every week and ride horses and help out.  I am so happy that you've been taking me church.  I am so happy to learn about Jesus Christ.  You are really sweet, generous, kind, loving to everyone.  Thank you for everything.

- Cheyanne





Ginger, Jenni, and Ash,

     Thank you for the awesome job you do!  It means so much how you are touching lives.  I know Hanna is forever changed by your work with her and the horse program.  I prayed and prayed about where Hanna can be touched by God's grace, and I know God talks to her through those horses.  Hanna has finally felt like she belongs and is important.  Jenni & Ash, you two saved me because you so graciously drove Hanna home for me 2xs per week.

     Thank you so so much.  We love and ador you all.

 - Jen




     I want to thank you so much for the incredible opportunity working at this barn has been for me.  It was my dream as a little girl to work in a program like this before I even knew they existed and He brought it along in the most amazing way.  I think I admire you as much as anyone I've ever met in my entire life.  Though I don't know your entire story, I know you have suffered much, and yet what I see in you is the most powerful image of God's restoration and what He can do with a heart that seeks Him through the good and the bad.  He is using you so, so powerfully and it gives me so much hope in how powerful He is.  I am so sad to leave such an amazing, growing ministry, but I know I will always have a place to come back to and you know that you always have a fan, free advertisement & serious prayer support from me.

     Thankyou for teaching me improved horsemanship and true love in service.  I will always remember you.

- Erin



Dear Ginger and Bob,

     I just wanted to let you both know how much I love and appreciate you.  I'm honored that you've welcomed me in to be part of what you're doing at the ranch, and I want you to know that I really admire you.  I hold you two up as an example of what it  looks like to steadfastly hold to the promises of God and pursue His dreams for your lives. 

     You have both been unbelievably brae and faithful in the face of many obstables and personal tragedy, and you are such a blessing and a testimony to the people around you.  Thank you for who you are, and for the love you've shown to me and Aaron.  We love you both a TON!

- Jenni and Aaron



Dear Ginger,

     "God has made us what we are in Chirst Jesus.  God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing. - Ephesians 2:10"

     As I read this passage from my Bible, you quickly popped into my mind.  I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you I'm honored to have had the chance to meet and get to know you.  What you are doing carries great weight with me.  In other words, you and the work you are doing is extremely valuable in my eyes.  How much good can God do with ordinary things?  Thank you for all you do.  You are an encouragement to me.

     You are in my prayers, your friend,

- Sherri